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London and Scotland Tour Package
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London and Scotland Tour Package

London and Scotland Tour Package Highlights :

–  London and Scotland Tour Package the everyday trips will start at the decided time, without any delay.

– Explore Scotland’s sparkling water lakes and witness the red deer and oak woodlands of Scotland’s water bodies.

– Experience Scotland’s majestic mountains and coastlines.

– Visit Buckingham Palace, one of the world’s most beautiful and iconic historic landmarks.

– Take a bus ride in London’s double-deck red busses.

– Witness the city’s hustle and bustle.

– Piccadilly Square and Big Ben are London’s most iconic landmarks.

– Play golf at a London club.

– Have a wild night out in one of London’s nightclubs or bars around the corner.


London and Scotland Tour Package Overview :

London is renowned for its charming cobbled streets, grand palaces, ancient churches, iconic landmarks, and vibrant atmosphere, making it a top destination in Europe. The city’s rich history offers many attractions to explore, from world-class art galleries to delectable London cuisine, ensuring a memorable experience for visitors.

Scotland is located a short distance from London and is another country rich in culture and history. Scotland is bordered by several bodies of water and occasionally high mountains. On the mainland, Scotland is renowned for its natural beauty. There are miles of rolling grasslands, picturesque pastures, vast lakes, and flowing rivers. This makes Scotland one of the best places to visit in the world.


About London and Scotland Tour Package:

– Experience the warm reception at Heathrow International Airport and admire the architectural marvels with the London and Scotland Tour Package from India.

– Take a break from your London itinerary and leisurely wander through the bustling streets.

– Immerse yourself in the vibrant dance and music scene of London’s nightlife.

– Hop on the iconic double-decker red buses and cruise through the streets of London, a symbol of England’s heritage.

– Ascend to the top of the London Eye for a panoramic view of the city skyline and the River Thames.

– Explore renowned landmarks in London such as Big Ben, Piccadilly Square, Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, Windsor Castle, and more with India’s London and Scotland package.

– Indulge in delectable street food offerings in London.

– Discover the charm of the serene city of Stratford and indulge in a shopping spree.

– Engage in the lively events hosted at nightclubs and bars in Stratford.

– Marvel at the natural splendor of England’s largest lake, Lake Windermere.

– Uncover the rich history of the 15th-century Edinburgh Castle, perched on volcanic terrain, during the London and Scotland tour package from India.

– Admire the colonial architecture of Edinburgh and stroll through lush gardens along cobblestone streets.

– Observe red deer near Loch Lomond Lake in Scotland.

– Explore Glasgow and immerse yourself in the history and art showcased in galleries and museums.


On the first day, you will arrive at Heathrow International airport from India. Your flight will be on time, so you won't have to worry about any delays. Once you get off the plane, you'll have to wait for your luggage in the baggage area. You'll also need to check your foreign passports and visas before you leave the airport. You'll then be taken to your hotel. During your journey, you'll be able to take in the beauty of London's streets. The first day of your London and Scotland package will be all about relaxing from the long journey and reducing your jet lag.
The itinerary for the second day of the London and Scotland package from India will focus on the urban attractions of London. Following a satisfying breakfast, the tour will commence with a visit to Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the queen. Guests will have the opportunity to capture photos of the palace, wander through the expansive gardens, admire the grand architecture, and take in other notable features. Subsequently, the tour will proceed to various iconic landmarks in central London, such as Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Square, the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, Big Ben, and more. As the day draws to a close, guests can indulge in delicious cuisine before retiring to the hotel for the night.
The 3rd day will be very short as here you will be visiting some of the lesser known places in London. The first stop of the 3rd day is the London Eye which is one of the main points of London's and Scotland's tour package from India. Once you reach the top of the London Eye, you will be able to enjoy the panoramic view of the city's skyline and enjoy the scenic beauty. After spending around an hour here, you will be on your way to the next steps where you will be visiting Westminster bridge, Saatchi gallery, Country Hall, Victoria Embankment, etc. At the end of the 3rd Day, you will be back to your hotel for the night after enjoying the delicious English cuisine.
On the 4th day of your tour package from India to London and Scotland, you will arrive in Stratford, Manchester - one of the most serene places in England. Here, you will visit the famous sites related to the play writer, as well as other small tourist spots. You will have plenty of time to explore the Manchester markets. Then, you can enjoy the nightlife at the bars, clubs and other places, before returning to your hotel.
The fifth day of the London and Scotland package from India will involve exploring Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Depart from the hotel after enjoying a delicious breakfast. Begin the day with a visit to the charming Bowness towns, followed by a trip to Lake Windermere, the largest lake in England. Next, a guided tour of Edinburgh will be conducted, including a visit to Edinburgh Castle to delve into its history and intriguing stories. Stroll through the historic cobbled streets, admire the landmarks, and immerse yourself in Scotland's rich colonial and neoclassical heritage. Conclude the day by checking in to the hotel for a restful night.
The next morning, after breakfast at your hotel, you’ll embark on a day trip to one of Scotland’s most picturesque lakes, where you’ll be able to observe red deer roaming freely. You’ll also be able to take a spin on a few of the cycle trails at the lake. That evening will see you embark on a trip to Scotland’s cultural and historical capital, Glasgow, where you will explore the city’s many galleries and museums as you discover Scotland’s treasures. After a delicious dinner to satisfy your cravings, you will head back to your hotel.
After enjoying your breakfast at the hotel, make your way to the airport in order to catch your flight back to India.

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